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phyrexian @ 11:16 am: Whoh.
Ok, so it's been almost five years since this community has had any activity.

and what am I going to do? REVIVE THE THING! :P

I'll start posting the address here in Winnipeg, though the community is pretty generic. what are some directions we should take? I'm not personally interested in helping people add video cards to store bought PC's or anything, but would be more than happy helping people learn about the world of white box PC's.

anybody built anything recently? (I've moved into the enterprise, and haven't built anything "commodity" in a while!)

my last build was a:

Intel I5 750 (quad core at 2.67GHz) stock
Asus P7P55D
6 GB of Kingston DDR-1333 (triple channel kit in single channel mode, FTW. :P)
Seagate 1TB 7200.12 Hard drive
my old PCI-e ATI 4870 /1GB
an old Cooler Master Stacker.

it does wonderfully. I run a pair of heads, (one 1600X1200, one 1920X1080) and it's never let me down. random performance example: Fallout 3, everything maxed, sit's around 24FPS with V-sync off. (or 30FPS with everything maxed save AA/AF turned down to 2X each)

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