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December 21st, 2004

phyrexian @ 01:48 am: AMD VS INTEL: Thoughts and views.
Ok, since nothing ever really happens in this community, i'm thinking I should say something.

What are your views on the INTEL VS AMD battle? Know this going in:

AMD Offers:
- Better performance per dollar than Intel,
- Lower power consumption rates,
- Better compatibility with existing products,
- Increased Memory performance,
- Cheep Low-end processors.

INTEL Offers:
- More power than AMD
- Inclusive Cache *(more on this later)
- Increased Memory performance,
- Cheep Low-end processors,
- Extreme vendor support,

AMD, in the real world, plays games better by the dollar. I’ll give it that.
AMD chips, by design, move large amounts of data quickly. (Excellent for graphics, multimedia, DV editing, Audio recording/post production.) But very poor for crunching numbers. One major flaw to AMD processors is that they target their business to home users.

Great, so home users have access to decent processors.
You know why Intel still exists? Even though AMD offers power at a great cost?

One word:

AMD chips, with their exclusive cache, are prone to errors. which in gaming, means one discoloured pixel, or a bullet that get's stuck in the wall. Whoopee. The problem occurs, when you move to business.

for the next section to make any sense, you need to know the few simple steps that current high end processors follow to get work done:
If you’re interested:Collapse )

The pitfall of AMD chips is a concept that AMD thinks is ludicrous, is called inclusive caching. It means one simple thing:
back up all your level 1 memory to the level 2 memory.

AMD chips exclusively cache memory, which means that they don’t back it up.

Now, thinking about this, it comes to mind, "why would you need a backup?"

Well, if you've ever read about how ECC works for ram, then you'll find out that the reason is identically the same.

Every once in a blue moon, one random bit get's flipped. Unless it's checked and corrected, it's wrong. and if that one bit happens to mean that "Joe blow"'s credit card doesn’t get charged, that credit card number ends with a '2'. the credit card # is now stored wrong, and you get a letter that says, you've provided us with the wrong CC#, you incur $[huge dollar figure] in late payment fees.

AMD chips, when the ECC check find’s a wrong bit, it does one thing to correct it.
Restarts the pipe.

Now, this seems really weird. But the AMD chip really waits for the CXL (Current eXecution Line) to pass stage 11 in the 15 stage pipe, and then goes back to memory to re-fetch the instruction, compile it, and continue.

INTEL, in the real world, crunches numbers a thousand times better than most processors (most, with the exception of the SPARC's. I love you sun.)
Intel chips take longer to move data. Intel chips are great for data mining, (A class of database applications that look for hidden patterns in a group of data that can be used to predict future behaviour. For example, data mining software can help retail companies find customers with common interests. The term is commonly misused to describe software that presents data in new ways. True data mining software doesn't just change the presentation, but actually discovers previously unknown relationships among the data.) Where data isn’t moved, just the theoretical location of the data is moved.

Intel chips provide constant ECC, (Error Checking and Correction.)
Intel chips DO NOT flush the pipe while recovering the missing bit, as a matter of fact, Intel chips actually keep the pipe flowing, well the processor looks up the missing bit, the line of code is allowed to continue along the pipe until a comparison/calculation is made on the string in question. (The bit then will happen correctly in either L1, or L2 cache, depending on where it was detected wrong. )

So, after all’s said and done, which would you use for at home/work, and give any and all reasons why you picked that one.


November 21st, 2004

phyrexian @ 11:19 pm: this may seem strange, but i'm looking for a PCI SCSI controler. anything would do, it just need's to be a PCI card.

if anybody has one that they may be willing to trade/sell/give away, i'd love to take it off your hands..

and yes, i do have many things for trade.

thanks in advance!

October 22nd, 2004

7dayspast @ 09:26 am: A call to gamers!
I just bought this case because I thought I could transfer the computer I have now into it. As it turns out, I can't - it's a weird story, apparently, but apparently my computer is 'special'. It's here, but please keep in mind I've made some upgrades (Radeon 9800 all-in-wonder video card, two extra sticks of 256 RD ram, and an 160 gig hard drive). ANYWAYS, I guess because this is one of the first computers to come out with the P4, back when Intel was only gunna work with the RD memory people, I have an abnormally large motherboard that just doesn't fit in the case. I dunno - this is what I've been able to figure out using my amazing powers of guessing.
So now I have this rad case and nothing to go in it. That's where I come to you people; I know enough about computers to put one together, but I know just about nothing when it comes to motherboards. That said, I'd like someone, or multiple someones, to help me build a gaming dream machine on around $1000-$1500. If possible, I'd like links to the equipment you reference; also if possible, I'd like to buy the motherboard/processor/even possibly ram as a bundle to save me the work of trying to put that together. Sooo.... for you people who like to build your own machines, please help me build mine. I want something that'll be worthy of the case. =)
Thank you for your help. x-posted to communities I thought could help.

October 5th, 2004

phyrexian @ 08:55 pm: New Server
Alright, it's time to go up in the world, and build a decent database server. this is what i'm looking at right now, but keep in mind that i havent gotten the price for anything from work yet, just from my other suppliers.

SUPERMICRO "X6DAL-G" E7525 Chipset Server Motherboard For Dual Intel XEON CPU -RETAIL
Supported CPU: Dual Intel Xeon -EM64T Processor
Chipset: Intel E7525
FSB: 800MHz
RAM: 6x DIMM support Dual Channel registered ECC DDR 333 Max 12 GB/266 Max 24 GB
Slots: 1x PCI-Ex16, 1x PCI-Ex8, 2x 66MHz PCI-X, 2x PCI
Ports: 2x PS2, 2x COM, 1x LPT, 1x RJ45, 4x USB(Rear 2), Audio ports
IDE: 2x Ultra DMA100 up to 4 Devices
SATA/RAID: 2x SATA with RAID 0,1 and JBOD
Onboard Audio: AC'97 audio 6CH
Onboard LAN: Intel 82541GI GbE
Form Factor: ATX
My cost: $495

Kingston 184 Pin 512MB ECC Registered DDR PC-2700 - Retail
Manufacturer: Kingston
Speed: DDR333(PC2700)
Type: 184 Pin DDR SDRAM
Error Checking: ECCRegistered/Unbuffered: RegisteredCas Latency: 2.5
Support Voltage: 2.5V
Bandwidth: 2.7GB/s
Organization: 64M x 72 -Bit
My cost: $170

Intel Xeon 2.8 GHz 533MHz FSB, 512K Cache, Hyper Threading Technology - Retail
Core: Prestonia
Operating Frequency: 2.8GHz
FSB: 533MHz
Cache: L1/12K+8K; L2/512K
Voltage: 1.525V
Process: 0.13Micron
Socket: Socket 604
Packaging: Retail box (with Heatsink and Fan)

here's what i'm thinking. 1GB ram, on that dual rig, with an enermax PS, all in a Thermaltake VA3000 Dream Tower Black Tsunami case, with some pci video card.. maybe even a rx600 PCI-Express card, if i've got $400 to play with..

this will be a sweet rig,
after christmas, it's mine..

October 4th, 2004

belacane @ 11:44 pm: I'm selling 128mb ibook ram for real cheap.

Click to see

September 15th, 2004

phyrexian @ 10:56 pm: ok, one last hardware change..

( i REALLY need to get me a static IP.. eventualy..)

the new address, is:

sorry about the changes..


September 9th, 2004

phyrexian @ 04:27 pm: ok, it's time for this nerd, to build a new PC. i want to build one, probably set the thing up, and then sell it. here's what i'm looking into doing:

ATHLON 64 (3200+) SOCKET 754 (64 BIT) $300.95
ASUS (K8V) SOCKET 754 / 800 FSB $159.95
Sapphire RADEON (9600XT) 256MB / 8x AGP $244.95
HQ PC-3200 DDR (400MHZ) 512MB $107.95
HQ (226B-A)(BLACK) 17in ATX TOWER $49.95
52x32x52x16x CD-RW + DVD COMBO $74.95
Custom OS 0.00

gross total: $1052.65
net total: $1200.02

now the reason that i'm posting this, is that i've never built an AMD64 system before.. is there anything i should worry about? i know that my AMD ATHLON 1900+ runs HOT, i'm assuming that a 64-bit 3200 run's QUITE A BIT HOTTER.. is the sttock cooler going to be enough? i know that for a while there, ATHLON 1800+'s ran to an overheated point if left with the stock cooler for three of more days under load..

this is why i love the intel lines.. if you need quick cheep, quite clusters: pick up a set of ten celeron 2.8GHz's, underclock them to 2.0GHz, and you can safely remove the heat sync.. with no heat synt, they max out, under load, at 66°C, safely under their 75°C limit..

but, come next month, i'll build this rig.. then i'll benchmark it against my p4-2.40C GHz box.. we'll see how it does..

September 5th, 2004

phyrexian @ 03:11 pm: alright!!
ok, so after rebuilding zoot, and configuring him with full apache-PHP-mysql support,


i was up untill 7:00 this morning setting it up, hopefuly it will stay stable for a while.. i just need to get telnet working...

ok, so: having a new set of network cards, for load-balance issues, the new address is, and will continue to be:

on that page, you'll see a link to MySQL->accounting#1 if you so desire, feel free to check it out. it's rather user friendly, and so far, all users have full permisions. so feel free to add something!

the sight is coming along damn fine! i just need to get the mainpage up to PHP, and i'll be set.. ah, how sweet it will be!

take care all!

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August 30th, 2004

phyrexian @ 04:02 pm: ok, so zoot, my webserver, has been having some troubles.. i've been considering it, and i think that i'm going back to redhat 6.2.. it's on a 2.2.40 kernel, so no proper ext3 functionality compiled in yet..

the site, now that i'm on a new system, a:

p3-500MHz, 512KB 100MHz-FSB
256+64+64+64 MB pc-133
1GB hdd
(really 2 550MB drives in a raid 0 config)
(going to become a 2GB raid 0+1 array..)
dual 3com 10/100 addapters

and it's up..

with the new nic's, the new address is:

the fourms section need's to be reconfigured.. i'll do that after work tonight..

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August 8th, 2004

phyrexian @ 11:24 pm: _wetdreamz, this is for you..

i'm going to try building an AMD baised pc, it's for a friend, he's in edmonton, and need's a cheep soulution for gaming..

so this is what i'm looking at..:

CPU ATHLON XP 2200+ $105.95
RAM PC-3200 DDR (400MHZ) 512MB $121.95
VIDEO RADEON (9200SE) 128MB /8xAGP $86.95
CD lite-on 52x32x52x16x CD-RW+DVD $74.95
FDD panasonic 1.44MB 3.5" $12.99

total $698.64
after tax $796.45

it might, cost is a factor here, have these changes:

CPU ATHLON XP 2600+ $143.95
RAM PC-3200 DDR (400MHZ) 512MB $121.95
VIDEO GEFORCE FX (5200) $119.95
CD lite-on 52x32x52x16x CD-RW+DVD $74.95
FDD panasonic 1.44MB 3.5" $12.95

total $769.60
after tax $877.34

IF cost's get approved, then i'm looking into the second one.. if anyone around has something like this, i'd love to hear how it performs.. i mean, i have to get the thing shipped from winnipeg to edmonton, (potentialy in the back of my car...) but i get to set it up here..

any suggestions?

thanks all!

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